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Monaco Charity Film Festival

A Pentium Fund Charity Event




A PENTIVM FUND CHARITY EVENT - Where the Film Stars & Filmmakers Work to Help Others!

“The hand that Gives will never be Empty”

Monaco Charity Film Festival is a yearly Charity Event held in Monaco for the benefit of the poor children around the world. The Charity Event will be for the benefit of the children of the Virlanie Foundation in the Philippines.

MCFF also helps filmmakers from all walks of life to find financing and distribution for their films. MCFF screens no less than 12 movies a day – during 8 days – in Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco. An International Jury for Features and Shorts awards the chosen Films. During 8 days it is a celebration of Films, Filmmakers and Audience alike. The screenings are open to all – admission is free.

On the final day of MCFF, a spectacular Gala Dinner and an exciting Show takes place to raise money for Charity.

Monaco Charity Film Festival counts in its midst numerous Celebrities from the Show Business, Political & Financial World and Royalty, but the difference at MCFF Festival is everyone, every Filmmaker, every Guest is a Celebrity!

Every year we gather to celebrate the 7th Art with an open heart and hands to reach out to the less fortunate in the World.

MCFF is a Mirror of our World.

MCFF cares.

Long Live the 8th MCFF.

“I am proud to have premiered PART TIME FABULOUS at MCFF alongside creative, beautiful and high caliber films from around the globe. Thank you again for the wonderful festival! I will always remember the wonderful films, amazing filmmakers…”
Jules Bruff, Actress/Producer (USA)

“I was really glad to show my film at MCFF 2011.
I enjoyed seeing so many styles of films and the efelowship with filmmakers.
Many Thanks to you Georges and your whole Team for this beautiful moment of meeting with cinema from all around the World .”
Katell Paillard, Filmmaker (France)

“I couldn’t be happier with my experience at MCFF. I loved its depth and breadth of quality films, its networking possibilities with creative and talented people from all over the world, and its overall atmosphere on the exciting French Riviera. Thank you!
Christophe Nassif, Filmmaker (France/USA)

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The Virlanie Foundation bought a house for street children in the Philippines with the raised money.

Vicente-Andres Zaragoza’s Sports Strategy Film called “Passion Wins” was the main feature film-Documentary for MCFF 2013.

All the players of the Monaco Football Team under the care of Dr. Philip Johnson came to view “Passion Wins” to improve the development of their Mind, Body and Spirit. Two days later.. . the Monaco football team won their game and were upgraded to league 1 level. Passion Wins was a film made by all the organizers and workers of MCFF. The project director Inga was our main sports personality in the movie. Our managing director Lia Popescu was the star. Our program director Georges Chamchoum was the adviser. Our Sports Consultant and master of ceremonies – Cedric Sbirazzoli, was also a star in the movie. Passion Wins was a joint effort from everyone involved with MCFF. .. it was our gift to Monaco and to the rest of the world…. and in the end….it became… Monaco Wins

Lia Popescu, recently graduated MBA student and actress, takes over the management of MCFF.

A pentium fund charity event

We work to live, we give to have a life.


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